Split With Eddie X Murphy


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released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: GARCIAxVEGA Side Of Split
1. Empathystomper
2. Haitian Refugee Cum Dumpsters
3. Don Knotts Poster
4. Greased Up And Ready For Your Mom
5. Gossamer Grinder
6. Rainbow Short Bus
7. Crucified Surprise
8. Gono Gals
9. Perpetual Loathing
10. Spice Ride
11. Meditate On Death
12. The Popes Hash Pipe
13. Rodent-Like Heels
14. Abducted By Meth Heads
15. Dankisidal Tendencies
16. The Ex-lax Bandit
17. Catatonic Blunder
18. Tuned In To Space Out
19. Impeach Society Abort The World
20. Make Your Own GxV Track