Unhindered By Tone Deffness


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released July 21, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Unhindered By Tone Deffness
Track List

1. Pass The Blunt And Pass Out
2. Standing Pedle Mode
3. Golden Shower Power Hour
4. What's the matter Colonel Sanders, Chicken?
5. Ass Like Roast Beef Legs Like Michael Phelps
6. Testicular Vampires
7. Razor-blade Butt-plug
8. Noise Supremacy
9. Facial Hemorrhoids
10. choking on grindage
11. TexasChiliDogg
12. Grimy Is A Really Grimy Thing
13. Phonophobia
14. Lost And Scattered In Bardo
15. Banned From The Bar
16. The Legend Of Dankness Slobster