The Death of GARCIAxVEGA


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1. Ivan Ooze the Lean Man
2. Jack Tripper Lung Ripper
3. Beat Off by Methheads
4. Waitin on the Plug
5. Farting in the Moshpit
6. Protection From The hated Reflection
7. ctrl alt repeat
8. Atomic Breakfast
9. Dank Wars
10. Lanced
11. Old Bong Water
12. Sleepwalking Autopsy
13. Spilled Ash Tray
14. Gizzard Face
15. Go Ahead, Call The Cops.
16. Once A Chowdered Slush
17. Potato Ass
18. Bronze Puffer Fish
19. Your Breath Smells Like Corn Flakes
20. Siamese Twin Coma Torture (Come on Death)
21. Failed Introvert Meeting
22. Baboon Butt Blunt
23. Don't Touch Me
24. Dream Catcher Chest Implant
25. Player 2 Has Left The Match
26. All My Heroes Don't Exist


released May 10, 2017



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